Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve put together a list of questions that come up when meeting with couples and here are some of the common ones. If you have other questions, please feel free to email me at I would also love to meet with you in person and grab some coffee and hear more about your upcoming wedding!


  • What is a “Second Day Bridal Shoot”?

    • A second day shoot is just what it sounds like—it’s another day in your wedding dress and suit, but with less stress, more time, perfect lighting, and your dream location! This shoot doesn’t have to be the day after your wedding. Some couples prefer two days after the wedding, after they come back from their honeymoon, or even half a year later—as long as I don’t have anything booked on the day, I’m very flexible with these! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS.

  • What’s your wedding photography style?

    • My style can best be described as candid and artistic. When you look back at your wedding photos in the future, I want you to be able to remember and feel your wedding just the way it happened! I try my best to capture real emotion, love, and the little details that make it YOUR WEDDING. I try to make sure you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible with me as well as in front of the camera, in order to get those genuine looks and expressions. I also love to get creative, so i’ll make sure to take advantage of the surrounding locations, venue, people, lighting, and emotions to get you artistic photos that you can hang in your living room!


  • Where do you live?

    • I live in Sacramento, CA, but I spend an equal amount of time serving couples in the SF-Bay Area and Tahoe areas.

  • Do you charge extra for traveling outside of Sacramento?

    • Yes and No. I don’t charge anything extra for travel within most of the Bay Area, Tahoe area, Stockton, and Sacramento. Anything besides that, I’ll charge a very minimum fee just to cover traveling costs.


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