4 Ways to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Pictures

If you are scared about taking hundreds of photos on your wedding day, then you may be surprised to know that you are not alone. For people who are not accustomed to striking a pose in front of the camera on a regular basis, figuring out how to pose for wedding photos can be an extremely daunting task. However, since you will be posing for more photos on your wedding day than ever before, it’s imperative to learn how to slay those photos.


Here, we have rounded up some of our favorite tips and tricks to achieve some great shots.

1. Relax

You want your wedding photos to capture the spirit of the event and not look too posed. And the best way to achieve that is to relax. Have fun, laugh and just be yourself. Also, given the number of photos and the time that it will take to shoot them, you might feel exhausted throughout your big day. So, taking a few seconds in between shots can help you unwind.

2. Focus on each other

When posing with your spouse, do not concentrate on your posture, face, hands or body. Instead, focus on each other. This will help you both remain connected which will then be evident in your photographs. It also looks beautiful when couples maintain some form of physical connection like arms wrapped around each other or the groom’s hands around the bride’s waist. Photographers also love it when couples can be themselves, goof around and just have fun.


3. Trust your photographer

We believe that a couple and their wedding photographer should be compatible. When you like your photographer, you are more likely to trust their skills, instincts and recommendations which is imperative for good photos. When you gel well with the one behind the lens, it automatically makes you comfortable in front of it.

4. Schedule an engagement shoot

When you finally decide on your wedding photographer, you can choose to book your engagement shoot with them as well. This will serve as a practice run where you and your photographer can familiarize yourself with one another. Also, wouldn’t you want to capture that beautiful chapter in your love story as well?

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